Meg Jaffe Ash, Ph.D.

clinical psychologist, meditation guide, and mentor

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Have you been seeking more freedom and ease in your life?

Are you curious about the repetitious nature of the issues that trouble you?

Do you have an inkling that you are more than the sum total of your thoughts, feelings and memories?

Can you imagine that when we are lost in our thoughts that we are cut off from the truth of life emerging in each moment?

What if you could experience the fullness of the moment more deeply?

What if your symptoms weren't unfortunate mistakes but actually held the very keys to the freedom and joy you seek?

What if you could better understand your role in the creation of your life experience?

Are you ready to perceive your life in a new way?

Meg Ash PhD

My approach

Many of us are so locked in the particular story we are telling, of who we are and how our life is going, that we cannot easily separate the lens through which we are viewing our life and life itself. Especially when the story is not as we wish it to be, because it contains painful and limiting aspects, there can be a strong desire for change. This is where psychotherapy can greatly facilitate clarity about the kinds of thoughts and beliefs we carry that color our perception and experience of life. We come to understand that our thoughts are constantly creating our experience of life. Therapy can provide the space to question and explore the basic assumptions we have about ourselves and our lives.

When we add meditation to our work together, we begin to perceive that our awareness is not limited to thought.It can be quite eye opening to discover that who we are exists quite a part from our thoughts. For we are multidimensional beings and can be aware on the level of our body and breath, our emotions, our thoughts, the emanations of our heart, and the clarity, intuition, and wisdom of our higher self. This experience lends new spaciousness to life and a feeling of freedom from more restricted identity.

Though one of the hallmarks of psychology has been to focus on disorder and problems to be fixed, my approach is grounded in the certainty that the essence of each person is whole and complete, no matter how our lives may appear on the surface. I construct individually customized meditations that help clear the roadblocks to a fuller experience of that authentic connection to self. The guided meditations are recorded and sent to my clients for additional practice during the week. Importantly, I begin exactly where my client is, with no sense of judgement. The pace with which we proceed towards fuller conscious awareness is largely determined by what each person feels is right for them. My guidance of this process comes with deep respect and compassion for each person's unique path to knowing their true being.

My practice is geared to the spiritual seeker, as well as to those who are looking for a more satisfying life, with greater ease and happiness in relationships, more balance in moods, and the ability to cope with stressful and challenging life situations. I have also worked extensively with those struggling with depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief and loss, eating issues, chronic pain, family dynamics, and illness. This work can be especially useful to those who want to take an active role in this journey of exploration.


If we rely on our mind to seek the circumstances of happiness, we will forever remain in a cycle of highs and lows, expansion and contraction. What would it feel like to step off this endless cycle and exist in perfect balance? The state of balance is fully accessible in every moment of every day. You simply shift your consciousness right into the center of your being where it has always been. When you are in state of perfect balance, the heart is open and exudes a gentle peace that works its way into every particle of your being.
   -Jeddah Mali