Meg Ash PhD


Meg Jaffe Ash, Ph.D.

clinical psychologist, meditation guide, and mentor

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As a long time seeker of truth, I bring a unique blend of psychotherapy and meditation to those who seek to awaken to their true selves. I was traditionally trained as a clinical psychologist, earning my B.A. from Yale University and my M.A and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan's clinical psychology program. However, not one to remain bound to traditional thought, I have explored expanded states of consciousness through transcendental meditation, and extensive exploration with the Indian master, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who heads the international spiritual and humanitarian, Art of Living Foundation. More recently I studied with Jeddah Mali, a British teacher of non-dual awakened consciousness, and am a graduate of her facilitator training program. I have also studied with Leonard Jacobson whose simple and beautiful approach to living in presence has touched me greatly. I have also learned much from my experience at silent retreats with Adyashanti, a teacher of the path of awakening consciousness. My synergistic blending of the insights and experience of over 30 years as a practicing psychologist, with intimate knowledge of expansive states of consciousness, come together as a powerful skill set incorporating the wisdom from the East and the West. I understand the importance of being fully present, at the same time as I am deeply experienced in understanding the workings of the ego and the often unconscious dynamics that lead us away from presence and knowledge of our true self. Much more simply, I'm a human being who cares deeply about others and in a very down to earth way will meet you where you are.

If you are to awaken fully into the present moment, and remain fundamentally grounded in Presence, then you will have to liberate yourself from entanglement in your own past. It is not the true past. It is the remembered past, which you access through the mind whenever you think. You will also have to free yourself from the imagined future, which is nothing more than the past projected forward. It is simply a fantasy.
  - Leonard Jacobson